In the past years I created many Cover Artworks for different bands like Incenerated Flesh, S.C.U.T., Pop So’s Cherry Massacre and many more. I design the Covers according to the wishes of my customers, from a rough layout to the final version with fonts, back, inlay and CD design.


Your Ideas & whishes. I will collect all these and give you some suggestions and you can say me if you want it or not.

I’ll make you a quick sketch and you can tell me if it goes in the right direction. I also like to start from scratch – you have to be satisfied!

I will send your final artwork as a preview. Small changes in color shades, contrasts and sharpness are quickly changed!

Your CD Artwork is ready! You can now choose in which form you want the raw data, the data are all printable and on request I offer you also other articles like Facebook banners, Flyers Buttons etc. Of course you will get your Artwork in Highest Quality! Just feel free to contact!