digital Art 2D/3D

I first dealt with digital drawing at the beginning of 2014 and continued to work on it.  My fascination of digital art probably comes from playing video games and cool cover artworks from bands I like to listen  to. I am fascinated by the sheer possibilities in digital drawing and of course the abilty to undo a lopsided stroke 😉 I like to experiment with different styles, programs and tools and love new challenges. Many of the commissions I get are specialized in the field of portrait painting & CD cover designs. Most of my works are personal pieces that are an expression of my imagination.

traditional art

Early in school, I preferred a blank sheet of paper and pencil to boring math tasks. From the initial attempts of drawing Donald Duck & Co, I gradually discovered my own style and since then have experimented with many different techniques and colors like Oil, Acrylic & Chalk. Although digital drawing has become the most prominent technique of my art, I also like to use brushes and pencils to create new Artworks.


In the past years I created many Cover Artworks for different bands like Incenerated Flesh, S.C.U.T., Pop So’s Cherry Massacre and many more. I design the Covers according to the wishes of my customers, from a rough layout to the final version with fonts, back, inlay and CD design.

If you are looking for a cool artwork for your band,  just write me your wishes and ideas.

"Exaxctly in that mood we wanted for the new Album!“
Tommy Slainte

CONcept art

Character design & landscapes are one of my basic elements in digital painting. Often some customers use a rough sketch of their wishes and ideas. Thanks to digital 2D and 3D painting, those wishes can be created quickly and precisely for viewing. I usually create a concept in a time span of 1 to 3 hours. Especially for game environments or different characters, this is an easy and quick way to create a guide to a final project.


I started in the field of filming and photography in the year of 2016. The fascination of  moving images is something like the holy grail of art. Setting my views and ideas into moving images has a very great appeal to me. I also use the field of filming professionally, from product filming and presentation, to drone filming, music videos and 3D animation.  I  always try to get my own style of art in the final projects.

Check out the Teaser I made to my Shortfilm project s „VYSIT“ that will come out soon.  All in all 2 Years of filming & editing time –>


Despite a training as a photo assistant that was cut short , I have learned a lot in product photography by myself. The fascination of camera technology and construction of different settings is repeatedly a nice challenge for me, which I always try to master with passion and commitment for my customers.


I am a passionate musician, producer and songwriter. Over the years I have been involved in many music projects, mostly on the drums. Years ago I had the idea to write and produce songs myself. As an ingrained drummer and with some mixing/mastering experience (thanks Dad) I started playing various instruments like bass, keyboard and guitar. This is how my first final DIY project TRANSPERMIA got on the way. Unfortunately I lack a good voice, so my tracks are all purely instrumental. I always like to try myself in different styles, like progressive Rock, Post-Rock, Jazz & Death Metal. You can also find me on This is a platform for DIY musicians.

 If you are interested, here you can listen to my full Album:


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If you like my artworks, here are some cool merch items like T-shirts, bags & more. New designs will be available regularly, so just have a look 😉 Art prints will also be available soon, stay tuned!