…born in 1990, I am a self-taught and freelance artist with over 10 years of experience in Digital Art. I also have established myself as a creative Graphic Designer for Print and Webdesign. Since then I have developed my own style with attention to details, colours and textures in a wide Range of different Artstyles.

During the last five years of freelance work I created a lot of different Cover Artworks for bands, Logodesigns and Animation clips for my customers  all over germany.

At the beginning of 2019, I started experimenting with 3D animation and rendering on a self-taught base. Since then I would say this is my absolute passion.  Creating whole worlds directly from my Imagination was something I always wanted to do.

I am also on the go as a musician and Drummer. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience with music programs, composing and audio editing, I completely produced my own prog-metal Album. (TRANSPERMIA)